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An Open Letter to Girls in the Waiting

Dearest Sister,

I write this letter to you to encourage and bless you. To remind you that being single is not a curse or a punishment. Personally, I see it as a beautiful time to learn more about yourself, to adventure, but most importantly to grow closer to Jesus.

Don’t ever think that He’s forgotten about you or that He doesn’t care about how you feel.

That is a lie that Satan uses to bring you down and make you forget about or doubt God’s promises.

God is preparing and growing the man that He has for you, along with developing you into the woman He designed you to be.

You are beautiful.

You are loved.

You are cherished.

Don’t settle or lower your standards. Something I’ve been told is “you can’t be so picky!!”. Jesus knows who will perfectly complement you, and for the most part, they will meet the standards you’ve set. You are worth far more than rubies. Wait for a man that loves Jesus more than he loves you. For a man that will grab you by the hand and run towards Jesus. A man that pursues you like Jesus pursues the church. That loves you unconditionally. A man that will point you back to scripture when you feel lost. That will pray with you. That will challenge you spiritually and mentally. Wait for a man that will respect you and treat you like the daughter of THE king that you are.

A man that doesn’t love Jesus cannot love you like Jesus loves the Church. He won’t know what that looks like.

Don’t rush. The more you rush, the more likely you are to settle. I promise, they still exist, he’s somewhere, and God knows exactly who he’s going to be.

Don’t give in to the pressures of this world. God works in His perfect timing, just because all your girlfriends are in a relationship, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing or time for you. You are set apart.

Pray. Prayer, oh prayer. How important. First, let God know how you’re feeling. If you need to write it, then so be it! Be specific with God. He’s your best friend. Also, Pray for your future husband. Wherever he might be. Whatever he’s doing. Pray for his relationship with Jesus. Pray for his purity. Pray for his relationships at work, school, with his family… and his struggles. Pray for his ministry, for guidance and for peace.

Sister, you are loved by so many. Focus on growing your relationship with Jesus and becoming the woman He has made you to be.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes! Be that apple!


A Fellow Single Christian Girl in the Waiting

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