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Dear Old Friend

Dear old friend(s),

It’s been a while… It looks like everything with you is going pretty well. You look happy and it makes me smile when I see all of your accomplishments, but it saddens me to think that I haven’t been able to take part in your celebrations.

I still wonder why we’ve gone our separate ways. I never really thought this would happen. I was pretty sure you’d be here with me as I apply to nursing school, work camps and become to person God created me to be. I was excited to share all these special moments with you. Along with having you as a shoulder to cry on. We were family.

I’m not going to lie, it still hurts sometimes. I sometimes wonder why you’re no longer in my life. I wonder what happened? I question if I was a good friend, if I was able to give you the proper advice you needed, if I was a good example to you. I wonder what made you want to put our friendship away for the time being.

But I want to thank you…

Our time apart has really taught me a lot. I’ve grown and learned things that I need to aide in my molding process.

You see… I’ve started to grasp the concept of what it means to “love like Jesus”.

I contemplated our friendship multiple times. I was the type of person that liked to know where I stood with someone. Knowing that our time together had come to a pause, was killing me. Not being sure of if we were even friends or not since we never had closure was difficult. I began to use the excuse that I was “seeing you do things that you would’ve never done before” or “feeling betrayed” really started to push me to the edge. I was angry, confused and ready to find that closure I needed.

Yet, I stopped myself. I remembered how I am just one of the few people that will be here for you, forever.

How, although I disagree with a lot that’s been going on, I need to continue to be an example to you.

I learned that friendships/relationships aren’t always easy.

I learned patience.

I learned that, sometimes, God takes people out of our lives whether it be for a season or

forever, for a reason.

I learned that it’s okay to feel lonely.

I learned that everything comes to an end.

I learned that it’s nice to meet new friends.

I learned that I need to let you figure some things out.

I learned to take advice.

I learned how to be honest with you when the time comes.

Most importantly, I learned that how I’ve been feeling with our friendship. The abandonment that continues to haunt me, is how I’ve treated Jesus before. Yet, when I turn around and run back to Him, He’s waiting with arms wide open.

Dear Old Friend(s)… I’m not perfect and far from the image of who Jesus is, but I hope you know that I’m still here with arms wide open, too. That I still love you. That no matter how far apart we’ve grown I will always be a phone call away.

Your forever friend,


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