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Monica's Story

Monica's story is such a unique one. I don't want to ruin any details because it's so beautiful, but I'll give you this hint... Monica was in foster care HERSELF! Her story was written a little bit different, but I encourage you to take a moment to read it. It encouraged my heart SO much! I pray that you are blessed, just as I was!


Monica (No last name for privacy)


I am an adoptee + sister to 12! I was adopted through the foster care system just days before my 6th birthday. My biological mom had me at 14 & had been struggling with addiction. She made mistakes which resulted in me being placed into foster care. Time passed & I had become attached to my foster family. As I continued visitations with my biological mom it was confusing for me & I’d often cry on the way to see her. My caseworker who I recently reconnected with this past year would have to bribe me with donuts & a bag candy to help ease my nerves. I didn’t understand why life had to be this way. Being adopted myself has helped me understand where my siblings are coming from. I’m able to be open minded about the situation & put myself in their shoes. Majority of the kids that come into our home are often scared & quiet the first few days. As time passes, they see how comfortable other kids are in our home they slowly come out of their shell & our relationship grows from there. We have had some kids come in & act like they’ve known us their entire lives & others we’ve had to earn their trust. We spend the first week or so cramming in all the appointments in & running to Target multiple times a week to get all the necessities & extra things on hand for them. Foster care is hard. I won’t even try to sugarcoat it. Before you step into this, find a good support system because you’ll definitely need it. Listen to former foster youth, adult adoptees, & those that have been in the foster care system. Foster care isn’t for everyone but ways you could help are doing respite, provide a meal every now & then, asking how you can help, babysitting, pray for us foster families, & just reaching out. The hardest part for me would be saying goodbye or not knowing what life will look like for my siblings after they leave our home. Typically, kids are in the foster care system for a year or possibly longer depending on the case & everything else that factors in. The most recent hard moment was saying goodbye to Sugarplum. We had her for 13 months & I was head over heals for this baby that deserved the world & more. I had envisioned forever & begged God to let her grow up in our home. We got a call that crushed everything I’d dreamed of. She was leaving & within a week she met her relative for the first time & days later she was gone. The transition was quick & my heart just couldn’t catch a break. I’ll be honest— I was heartbroken. I cried for days & questioned if I could continue being a foster sister. I leaned into Him more than ever & reminded myself daily that He brought her in, & He’ll lead her out. I would do it all over again because loving my siblings is worth it. The line “If You gave Your life to love them so will I.” is something I think of all the time. I share my parents with them, spend pretty much 24/7 with them, cry with them, pray for them, & do what many are hesitant to do— stand alongside them knowing our time together could come to an end any day. One of my favorite moments was reconnecting with one of my foster sisters. We had her for 2 years before she left us. That was one of the hardest seasons I had to walk through as I endured many broken promises. After multiple moves & having her world turned upside down, she’s been officially adopted & where she’ll be forever! We’re still in contact with her & she’s doing amazing! Jesus has done amazing things in my life & I know He’s not done yet. He broke my chains, rewrote my story, & without Him, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Love does hard things. Your yes could change someone’s life. Take that leap of faith because a baby/child/teen can never have too many people that love them.

Monica's story blew me out of the water. From the heart of a former foster child! What a glimpse into her life. Thank you so much Monica for sharing your heart. I was so blessed. If you would like to connect with Monica, find her on IG @sisterforamoment

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